Sunday, 17 July 2016

How to get Social Security Number (SSN) number in United States

New to United States, Don't know how to apply for SSN..Well after reading this post you guys will surely know how easy is to get Social Security number and what are the prerequisites for getting it.

Well when i travelled for the first time i didn't knew how to get it, whom should i ask and where should i go. So i am writing this blog to help out the newly migrated guys from anywhere in the world. Here you go.

Things needed to apply SSN:

1. Passport.
2. I-94

How to get I-94:

I-94 is given you from the day you land in US and you need to download the form online from Department of Homeland Security Consent . Just Fill up the basic information that is needed like Date of Birth and Passport Number and you will get your I-94 form there.
 After filling up all the information and Clicking on "Get Most Recent I-94" you will get your form. Just take  printout of that and you will be all good.

SSN Offices:

Just Put you Zip code on SSN office Site and it will show up the SSN office in that place. You and see which one is close to your house and then you can go there as early as 8 in  the morning as there would be long queue, so to avoid that go early.

Make sure you have a US address on which they can mail you the SSN card. Guys are very helpful at the SSN office, they will ask your basic details eg. Date of entry in US etc, make sure that you give them correct information to make things cool.
Once you are done from SSN office, you get get your SSN card within 15 days at the address you provided. SSN number you will need every time in US when applying for anything in US,Make sure that you get this number secret and don't share it with anybody as this could lead to security problems. So keep this close to your heart :)

I hope this post will help you guys to apply for SSN and solve the Huss and Fuss into which first time travellers get into as they don't have much information where to go, what to take etc.

Thank You for Reading!