Monday, 4 February 2013

Why Shahrukh is the best..

Must read this..Why ShahRukh Khan is the best :

1. Most number Of blockbusters with less number of flops.

2. Most number Of fan follwing in the world in Billions.

3. Most number Of brands endorsed by Shahrukh is approximately 50.

4. More number Of statues at Madame Tussauds inaugurated of SRK before all other khans.

5. Wealthy enough to buy IPL cricket Team, has a Luxury home of 140 cr worth.

6. Most number Of best actor awards.

7. Padamshri award which other Khans are dreaming to get.

8. Biography made only on one actor I.E. SRK after Amitabh Bachchan.

9. Most no. Of 'Sabse Favourite Kaun' awards which are decided by public (i.e. 7 times).

10. Award given by French government for his exceptional Career.

11. IIFA most powerful entertainer of the last decade.

12. Time magazine rated as one of the most powerful person in the world including Sonia

13. Rajiv gandhi award for his excellance in Entertaunment Industry.

14. Doctrate given to SRK not to any other khan in the industry.

15. Included in forbes list of top 30 most influential person in the world.

16. Only Indian to get UNESCO award for his charity.


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